$20 Happy Neuter Year in January!

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Dec 28th, 2016

During January 2017 you can fix your male cat or male dog for just $20!

Includes a Rabies vaccine for dogs. Includes Rabies and FVRCP (4-in-1) vaccines for cats.

Only valid for owned animals. Not valid for rescue organizations or outdoor/stray animals. Pets must be at least 3 months and 3 pounds on day of surgery. Animals 5 years and older require pre-surgical blood work at least 2 business days prior to surgery at a cost of $40.

This fantastic promotion is due to collaboration and support from Petsmart Charities and is valid at each of Altered Tails three clinics:

Article & Source: http://alteredtails.org/happy-neuter-year-in-january/

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