Best All Around Command – “Off”

By Pammy
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Sep 8th, 2013

Off is one of my favorite commands and if you are visiting us on Saturday at your Petco location and have a chance to meet me, Wendy, do not be surprised if I demonstrate the command for you. 

“Off” is incredibly easy to learn and to teach. Most dogs only take 5-10 attempts before they understand the basic command. “Off” can be used with toys or treats. Use something your dog really likes the most (for some dogs like our friend, Buddah, it’s a toy and for other dogs like my own Nikki, it’s food of all kinds) and your results will be even faster. If you use the command every time you give a treat/toy, you will see quick, long-lasting results. 

*REMINDER* Have the dog wait longer and longer each time between the point you say “Off” and when you give the release command “Take It.”

The reason I really like the “Off” command is two-fold:

  1. It is a great “all around” command. Off generally translates into “stop what you are doing.” So it’s great to stop jumping, barking, drop toys, leave food or whatever other unwanted behavior a dog is participating in.
  2. It quickly establishes you as pack leader. It’s probably the best and nicest way to establish yourself with an animal that is suffering from alpha dog syndrome. Remember, you are the alpha in your pack. By controlling “when” and “how” an animal earns treats/recreation, your dominance at the top of the pack hierarchy is clear.

So, take a moment to watch this 2-minute video that quickly demonstrates the “Off” command.

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