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Jan 18th, 2017

Thank you for your interest in adopting a rescue dog with Pammy’s!

Pammy’s 2nd Chance Rescue is a volunteer and foster based all breed animal rescue. What does that mean you ask??? These loving pets (of all breeds) stay in the loving homes of our fosters until they find their forever home. We do adoption events (run solely by our wonderful volunteers) at various pet store locations typically every Saturday. Check out our current adoption locations and times HERE. You are welcome to stop by any of our adoption events to see who you just might find or email us in advance if there is someone special that you would like to meet.

Adoption Fees:

Each adoptable pet has their adoption fee listed in their posting. Adoption fees are determined by age, breed and special needs of the dog and may vary by discretion of the rescue and are subject to change.

Puppies less than 1 year $200

1-2 yrs depending on size and breed $0 – $200

2 -4 years depending on breed $100 – $200

4 and above depending on breed $75 – $100

Adoption fees include but are not limited to spay or neuter, microchip, microchip registration and transfer, and for the animal to be current on all vaccinations including rabies. A copy of all paperwork goes home with the adopter.

You can pick up an adoption application at any of our adoption events or contact us to request an application be emailed to you.

Before adopting things to think about:

  • Are you aware of the commitment of time, love, patience, and expense needed for your pet which could span 15 or more years?

We are looking for forever homes for these animals and want to make sure that a new home is a forever home


  • If you rent, does your home or apartment allow pets or the breed/size you are looking for?

It is important to make sure that your living situation is suitable for pets at this time.


  • Do you have a veterinarian?

Just like ourselves your pet will need health checkups and dental care. Are you ready for the financial responsibility of your pets health? If you do not already have a vet, that is ok…  We would be happy to recommend one of the wonderful vets that we work with!


  • Do you have a completely fenced yard?

Your new friend is going to want to run and play, and you want to make sure that your new friend doesn’t get lost.


  • If you have a swimming pool is it completely fenced?

Living in the desert many people have pools and these can be a danger to your pet as well. Make sure that you understand the dangers and safety of having a pool and pets.


  • Are you aware and prepared that bringing a new pet into your home will require training?

A new addition to your household will require training. Some more than others but all will need to learn the rules of your home. Do you have the time, patience (and finances) to work with your new pet to be the best pet they can be? We can happily recommend trainers and classes.


  • How is your new pet going to get exercise?

We all need exercise, your pet is no different! Long walks in the park or a jog down the street. Your new pup will need varying amount of exercise based on their breed.


These are just a few of the things you should think about before adopting.

Application review and approval:

Once you have completed your application, a volunteer will review your application and interview you. If you have other pets in the home, you may be encouraged to do a meet and greet. Often times, if you are adopting a dog you can do your meet and greet with your current dog at the adoption event. We are also happy to arrange a private meet and greet for you, your family and other pets.

If your pet is ready to go home, your application is complete and approved, all you have left is the Adoption Agreement. This states your adoption fee and that you agree to give a safe home for the pet that you are adopting.

If you are interested in a pre adoption of a pet that is not quite ready to go home, you may still complete the application and interview process. Upon approval you may pay ½ the adoption fee for us to hold the pet as yours until they are ready to go home with you. The remainder of the adoption fee is paid when your furry friend goes home with you.

Once your adoption fee is paid, you will receive a copy of all their records and you and your new pet and ready to go home! <3




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