Lucy – Female Maltese Mix

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Sep 11th, 2014

Congratulations to Lucy who has been adopted!!!

Don’t you just love this face! It belongs to the our sweet litte Lucy. Lucy is a 4 year old Maltese mix whose owners recently divorced. Since neither owner could take her she is now with our Rescue looking for her forever home.


She would love a nice yard to run and play in but her biggest wish is for a loving family who will spend time with her. She gets along with most dogs and cats so a sibling might be OK – she would just like to do a ‘meet and greet’ first. She is a little shy at first but becomes a ‘love bug’ once she feels safe. She hasn’t been around children but thinks some older ‘dog friendly’ children might be fine.

She really just wants a family who will love her forever. Lucy is a non-shedding dog so she will need regular grooming. She wants to be the best dog she can be so taking some obedience training with her new family and maybe a refresher course on housetraining are high on her ‘to do’ list once she is adopted.

Lucy is dreaming of a forever family – could yours be just the one she is wishing for? Lucy is current on all vaccines, microchipped and spayed.

If you’d like to know more about becoming Lucy’s new forever family, please contact Pammy’s 2nd Chance Rescue. Please use the form located below.

Enjoy some interesting facts about the Maltese breed.

Throughout his long history, the Maltese has been given many names, such as the “Melitae Dog,” “Ye Ancient Dogge of Malta,” the “Roman Ladies Dog,” “The Comforter,” the “Spaniel Gentle,” the “Bichon,” the “Maltese Lion Dog,” and the “Maltese Terrier.” Today, he is known simply as the Maltese.

This elegant toy dog breed is famed for the silky white hair covering his body. Straight and thick, the coat falls all the way to the floor. Many years ago, Maltese came in many colors, but these days they are always white. When a properly built Maltese moves, he seems to float beneath his cloud of white hair. Because he doesn’t have an undercoat, the Maltese sheds little, and many people consider the breed to be hypoallergenic.

But the Maltese is more than his coat. Completing the picture is a slightly rounded skull, black nose, drop ears, dark, alert eyes, short, straight legs, and a graceful tail. He’s a sweet, intelligent dog who is devoted to his people.

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