Petey – M – Chihuahua – 4 yrs

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Jan 19th, 2017


Petey has been adopted!



05.27.17 – Our little Petey was adopted today. This little boy picked his new Mom. He fell in love with her. Everytime he saw her he got so excited. Mom couldn’t hold out anymore and made Petey hers. He got a mom that seems to understand his quirky personality.

** Petey I’m going to miss you so much. Your were such a bad boy and a fell in love with you big time. You got so much better but still tend to throw your little tantrums from time to time. You got the best home ever. You will be spoiled in love and have understanding parents. I know you I will be seeing you again, for one your Mom is a good friend of mine. I would say be a good boy, just be yourself that what makes you you. Love you Bad Boy!


Meet Pistole Pete! He is a special young man who is going to need just the right family.

Pete is neutered, current on all vaccinations and microchipped.

Name: Petey
Sex: Male
Breed: Chihuahua
Age:4 yrs
Adoption Fee $175.00
Location: P2CR Tucson

Includes Neuter – Vaccinations – Microchip

Micro-Chip Registration Fee & Pima County License/Transfer Fee

Posted 1/19/17

Petey – M – Chihuahua – 4 yrs

About Pete:

Petey is a 4 lbs pistol packing Pete.  He is about 4 years old.  He likes to growl a lot. We think that he was antagonize and bad behavior was encouraged.  He doesn’t like his belly rubbed, yet he loves his face and head petted.  When he first came to us he didn’t like you to pet his back, he would growl.  We tend to think someone thought it was funny to rough him up and make him growl and attack their hand.  He is much better now.  He is also very spoiled, if he doesn’t get his own way he will growl.  Not as  much as he use to be, still does from time to time.

Petey needs a home with no children, and would prefer no other dogs.  Someone that is experience with Chihuahuas.  He loves to be held and loved he just has a couple of 
little quirks.  He is a little hoarder, everything is dragged, big or small to his bed.

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