Venus – Female Manchester Terrier Mix

By Pammy
In Adopted
Oct 3rd, 2013



Congrats to Venus for finding her forever home! Good luck little one!

Venus is a 2-year-old, female Manchester Terrier mix. She is quite the little lover. She loves to snuggle into your lap and follow you around.

Venus gets along with other dogs and would make a great companion.

If you’d like to know more about Venus, please use the form below to contact Pammy’s 2nd Chance rescue. 

Read on for more information about the spunky Manchester Terrier. 

A Manchester Terriers is high-spirited, powerful, agile and cunning. It is eager to learn and displays the true terrier nature — independent and faithful. It is also extremely lively, sporty, alert, keen and vigilant. Discerning and devoted, it is loyal and a good friend to its master. The Manchester Terrier likes to please its handler and learns quite quickly.

venus2These dogs can be outstanding in activities like agility skills and catch and also do well in obedience trials. They thrive on attention from their owners, and need leadership from their humans. Without enough exercise, mental stimulation, and/or if the dog is allowed to be pack leader to the humans, they can get upset when left alone – becoming bored, hyper, destructive, and barking excessively. Pack leaders are allowed to leave the followers, however, followers are not allowed to leave the pack leaders. They enjoy being with their people, and should be taken for a pack walk before they are left for long periods of time to put them in an instinctual rest mode.

The Manchester Terrier should be thoroughly socialized when it is young, and be around humans who display leadership towards the dog, along with rules, boundaries and limitations for the dog to follow, to prevent potential aggression. This breed needs thorough, firm training. A lack of human leadership can result in them becoming demanding, headstrong, protective, snappish and/or aggressive. Manchester Terriers should not be trusted with other small non-canine animals, as the hunting instinct in them is strong. They should be introduced to children as young pups and children should be taught how to display leadership toward dogs.

Well-balanced Manchester Terriers that have owners who do not let them develop small dog syndrome, human induced behaviors where the dog believes he is pack leader to humans, will not display these negative behaviors. If given what they need as a canine animal, they are wonderful family companions.

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